4 Reasons to Attend a Magic Show at Lionheart

The world of magic is wondrous, as it captivates and inspires audiences of all ages. “An Evening of Intimate Magic with Bob Winstead” is all of the above and so much more. The Lionheart audience will be thrilled and delighted with the variety of magician’s tricks that Winstead has to offer. Here are four reasons to attend a magic show at Lionheart Theatre, if you are looking for fun things to do in Atlanta this April.

Reason #1: Winstead Uses a Variety of Magic

Instead of illusion magic, Winstead has created an act for a more intimate audience, perfect for the Lionheart stage. Unlike your typical theatre performance, his act breaks the fourth wall and includes the audience in the show. It’s sure to make for an exciting performance that you soon won’t forget.

Though Winstead doesn’t use animals in his act, he uses nearly everything else: cards, ropes, cups and balls, money, silks, and props as well as original stories. During an interview with Lionheart Theatre, Winstead offered that the show is not necessarily a comedic routine, but he wouldn’t be surprised if the audience takes delight in the natural humor of magic.

Reason #2: Music is Incorporated into the Theatrical Performance

In homage to the theatrical setting of his show, Winstead will include a musical element to his performance. Sounds of the percussion section are incorporated into the show, as well as a William Kraft piece. If there are musical bones in your body, you are sure to enjoy the variety that Winstead’s routine has to offer.

Reason #3: It’s Educational!

If you thought you wouldn’t learn anything at a magic show — think again! Winstead uses his knowledge of martial arts and magic in order to teach a valuable skill during his performance. Female audience members will take pride in learning how to perform a wrist escape, as Winstead demonstrates how to safely and effectively evade a predator.

Reason #4: Winstead is a Lionheart Vet

Bob Winstead is one of our very own here at Lionheart Theatre. You might recognize him from our show with Onionman Productions, Blind Date, back in 2013, where he performed magic during the show and intermission. Winstead has also had acting roles in a number of our latest shows, such as Laughing Stock and our ever-popular Ghost Tour performances.

Winstead first became interested in magic when his son received a magic kit for Christmas. He helped his son figure out the tricks in the kit, which led Winstead to read up on the craft. He began performing at kid’s birthday parties, before eventually joining the International Brotherhood of Magicians in Atlanta (IBM). As he perfected his talent, he picked up more shows, created his own routines, and now we have the pleasure of hosting him here at Lionheart Theatre.

A Magic Show at Lionheart: The Details

On April 15th, the two-part show will begin at 7:30 p.m. with an intermission halfway through. All seats are $10, so be sure to reserve your spot through our website today. Winstead states that the show is not necessarily directed towards children, but that there is nothing in the show that might be considered inappropriate for a younger audience. Unless, of course, he chooses to saw someone in half during his act!

Things to Do in Atlanta This April

If you are interested in finding more exciting things to do in Atlanta this month, be sure to stay tuned for our next blog: April in Norcross: 5 Events to Attend in the Atlanta Area. Contact us for more information, or follow Lionheart Theatre on Facebook and Twitter.


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