Becoming a Better Actor: 6 Reasons to Do Local Theatre

For most aspiring actors, the one thing that you can do to perfect your craft is to practice, practice, practice. Having experience on the stage is one of the few ways you can build up your theatre chops—but how can you get more time in the auditorium? Well, if you are looking to improve acting skills throughout the year, then you should aim to spend more time at your local theatre or arts center.

Get More Stage Time

As previously mentioned, one of the best ways to better your acting skills is to spend more time on the stage. You’re probably already a part of your drama club at school, or maybe you’re taking an acting class, so try stopping by your local theatre to get additional stage time. Simply by participating in more rehearsals and performing in front of more crowds, you can work towards becoming a better actor.

Try Out New Roles

At your local theatre, you can also audition for new roles. Step out of your comfort zone and try out for characters or parts that you normally wouldn’t. It’ll help you expand your experience, and you just might find a niche role that you perform well!

Learn Under Different Direction

Even though your drama teacher is probably incredible, it always helps to be under the direction of a variety of instructors. At your local theatre, you’ll get the chance to learn from different perspectives, and each director might be able to offer you new, insightful acting tips and tricks.

Understand the Production as a Whole

Owning the stage is all about understanding the inner-workings of the theatre--including work done by the backstage crew. See if you can’t lend a helping hand to the crew for the next production at your local theatre and learn about what happens behind the curtain. If anything, you’ll gain a new respect for your stage crew members!

Gain Appreciation for the Stage

Chances are, the doors to your local theatre stay open thanks to the selfless, helping hands of volunteers in your community. Roll up your sleeves and pitch in; you’ll have a new appreciation for the theatre. And this appreciation is sure to shine next time you’re on stage, as your passion for acting will only continue to go.

Watch Others Perform

This one is so important: catch a show at the community theatre and watch others perform! If it’s a role you’re familiar with, witness how another actor delivers the lines. What emotions do they evoke? What gestures do they use? Take notes and see how you can apply these techniques to your own craft.

Improve Acting Skills in Your Hometown

As you can see, there is no shortage of ways to improve your acting skills when you start participating in the events at your local theatre. If you’re in the Norcross area, and you’re ready to get started on building your future career, stop by Lionheart Theatre. We’d love to add you to our ever-growing theatre family.

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