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Send a Child to Camp

Lionheart Theatre believes in the power of theatre and the importance of arts education in the Norcross community. But to do this, we need your help! Lionheart Theatre is seeking donations to help send a child to camp. This way, all students--regardless of economic situation--have access to theatre and arts education. Besides being crazy amounts of…
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The Case for Children’s Theatre: A Place for Kids to Learn, Grow and Imagine

Besides being crazy amounts of fun, theatre also has tons of great benefits in terms of development and socialization. It’s probably no surprise that activities like improv and other drama courses can boost self-esteem and confidence. The theatre is a place where inner silliness and creativity are embraced. When children learn to be more confident…
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Robin Hood Makes His Way to Norcross

The tale of Robin Hood is a classic that warms the hearts of everyone who is in the audience. If you grew up listening to this story, and you want to share that tradition with your kids, then now is your chance! This summer, the Lionheart Theatre is proud to present Robin Hood. Keep reading…
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