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100 Dresses

July 23,24,25,26 100 Dresses by Mary Hall Surface  adapted from the book by Eleanor Estes Directed by Liz Bigler The Hundred Dresses is a play adapted by Mary Hall Surface from a children's book by Eleanor Estes. The Hundred Dresses, set in the 1930s, introduces audiences to a young Polish immigrant, Wanda, who is teased…
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The Most Beloved Musicals of All Time

Over the years, musicals have impacted thousands of audiences. The combination of storytelling, music and dance has the power to transcend time and place, creating a kind of onstage magic that captivates audiences and provokes thought.  Many onstage performances have even been adapted for the screen, allowing new and classic narratives to reach even more…
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A Brief History of Clowning

Clowns have been bringing people joy for hundreds of years. Once called jesters and fools, the term “clown” didn’t emerge until the 16th century. These jesters would perform tricks, sing songs and put on acts in order to entertain and amuse communities. Today, clowning is used as a performance tool, a therapeutic exercise and, of…
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