Bringing Lawless Spirits to Life – Part I

October marks the beginning of the haunting season, as well as Lionheart Theatre's popular Lawless Spirits Tour. This year's event will be held October 25-28 in downtown Norcross, with two walking tours at 6:30pm and 8:00pm nightly.

Lionheart Theatre recently sat down with Producing Artistic Director, Tanya Caldwell, who directs and co-writes for this year's Lawless Spirits Tour.

How long has Lionheart Theatre been doing the Lawless Spirits Tour?

"This will be our 4th year."

Do you have any memories or stories from a past Lawless Spirits Tour that you can share?

"One year the cops were called after Joe was shot and Alan was running from the scene. Unfortunately, two cop cars came rushing through town, stopped in front of 45 South, and asked if someone had been shot. Jill, our tour guide that year, replied ' 1905.' Since then, the City understands we are all acting."

How do you keep Lawless Spirits Tour entertaining and different each year?

"We try to get new stories each year. These are all factual events that happened in Norcross or the surrounding area. Great actors are important, as well, and not trying to be scary or silly. These stories are all of that on their own."

What was the story gathering/writing process like for this year, and who helped put the stories together?

"Gene Ramsey is a storyteller from Oakland Cemetery, as well as an actively researching historian at the Gwinnett History Center. He is a Norcross citizen and loves to find me interesting stories of murder and mayhem. The first year we had several local playwrights pitch in and take the research from Gene to work their magic. In the last two years I have relied solely on Daniel and Kate Guyton. They are wonderful writers and understand what we need for this event. They are also amenable to me editing their work to make it fit into a walking tour."

Anything else you would like to share with audiences about the Lawless Spirits Tour or what they can expect this year?

"The tour is an easy walk, but please dress for the weather. We limit each tour to 25 folks, so everyone can hear and see. Stay in town afterwards and enjoy the discounts offered by our wonderful local merchants and restaurants."

Lionheart Theatre's Lawless Spirits, October 25-28

The Lawless Spirits Tour is available October 25-28, 2018, in downtown Norcross, with two walking tours at 6:30pm and 8pm nightly. Participants will be given a wristband at check-in which will get them exclusive discounts to downtown merchants the night of their tour. 8pm participants are encouraged to check in early to enjoy the discounts before their tour time. Tickets for Lawless Spirits Tour are $10 each (for all ages) and are available at

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