Lionheart’s Children’s Theatre

The theatre is a place where children and adults alike can imagine, create and form lasting friendships. At Lionheart, we want to inspire kids of all ages to participate in our numerous children’s theatre programs, such as drama camps, ongoing classes and productions.

Whether your child is interested in producing, directing or standing in the spotlight, there will always be a place for them to learn and thrive. Whether your teen is experienced in belting out musical classics or they have never been on the stage before, Lionheart’s Children’s Theatre, located in the heart of historic Norcross, welcomes them.

Upcoming Children's Theatre Drama Camps and Classes

Lionheart Theatre's 2018 Summer Camp Schedule is here! Secure your child's spot by emailing Mr. Sean at

Send a Child to Camp

Norcross is a big and diverse town. At Lionheart we are committed to being a community theatre for our ENTIRE Community. For the first time, we are offering a "Spanglish" bilingual camp to reach out to our Spanish-speaking neighbors. Last year, we were able to partially or fully sponsor 25 children to our camps from just a few donations. This year, we'd like to triple that number. Please consider making a donation to help send a child to camp this year.

Preferred Donation Levels:

$25 pays for a child to attend musical theatre or comedy camp
$50 pays for a child to attend our bilingual camp
$100 pays for a child to spend a week at camp

All donations are 100% tax deductable. Feel free to donate via check at 10 College Street, Norcross, GA 30071. Make sure to include "2018 Summer Camp Sponsor" in the memo section of your check.

Upcoming Children's Theatre Productions

Lionheart Theatre is currently accepting original play submissions to be performed by our drama students. See submission requirements below.

The Case for Children's Theatre: A Place for Kids to Learn, Grow and Imagine

Lionheart's Children's Theatre Camps

Besides being crazy amounts of fun, theatre also has tons of great benefits in terms of development and socialization. It’s probably no surprise that activities like improv and other drama courses can boost self-esteem and confidence. The theatre is a place where inner silliness and creativity are embraced. When children learn to be more confident in themselves, it translates to other aspects of their lives, like school, communication and social situations.

In addition to confidence and creativity boosts, practicing theatre can help in other useful ways. If your child decides to participate in one of our Children’s Theatre productions, chances are they’ll have to learn parts of a script. When they see what they read come to life on the stage, they’ll likely improve their reading comprehension elsewhere. It might even make them more interested in reading off the stage, too!

Ultimately, the benefits of theatre are endless. But besides that, it’s a lot of fun. Check out our upcoming camps, auditions and plays, and sign up your child up today to be a part of the extended Lionheart family!