How to Give Back to Your Community in the Summer

The holidays are usually the time of the year when people think about giving back to their community. However, most charities, nonprofits and public spaces need volunteers and sponsors throughout the entirety of the year. The summer can be an especially difficult season for this reason, which is why it is the perfect time for you to give back to your community. If you have a little time to spare this summer, here’s more on volunteer opportunities in Norcross and more.

Buy from the Community Market

Open now until August, the Norcross Community Market is the perfect chance for you to give back by supporting the local economy. Located at Lillian Webb Park, the market is the perfect place to purchase locally grown, fresh produce. Beyond buying food, you can also participate in chef demonstrations, live entertainment and activities for the kids. It won’t feel like you’re giving back to your community because you’ll be getting a lot of benefits in return, but your patronage is what keeps things operating.

Visit the Retirement Home

Visiting a retirement home might not seem like it’s doing much to help your community, but think again! Many of our elderly Norcross neighbors in the nursing home don’t get visitors as often as they’d like, especially during the summer when families are busy traveling. Stop by for a visit, play a card game, eat lunch or even just sit and watch a television show. The residents will appreciate the company, keeping them emotionally and socially engaged. Plus, you’ll likely enjoy their company, as well!

Help Keep Our Parks Clean

There are usually events happening in the Norcross area that give neighbors the opportunity to help keep our parks clean. Even if you have to miss the next Clean-Up Day, you can always help maintain the parks on your own. The next time your family visits the park, throw away trash if you see it on the ground. Pick up a ball that someone left behind and take it to lost-and-found. Every little bit helps, especially when it comes to our beloved green spaces!

Resources for Volunteer Opportunities Near Norcross

Sometimes it can be difficult to find local volunteer opportunities. To save you the time, we’ve taken the liberty of putting together a quick reference list for you:

As you can see, there is no shortage of amazing volunteer opportunities right here in the Norcross, Gwinnett, and Atlanta areas.

Giving Back to Your Local Theatre

One way you can help maintain the close-knit Norcross community is by contributing to your local theatre, Lionheart Theatre Company. There are many ways you can get involved with our organization. You can become a sponsor, volunteer, make a donation, put out an ad or simply come to a show! The cost of ticket sales go right back into our facilities, helping to keep our doors open. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us and learn more about how you can give back to Lionheart.

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