Improve Your Acting Skills: 7 Activities to do this Summer

Summer is the perfect time to improve acting skills. For most people, there’s a little bit of a break from work, offering the opportunity to focus on something else. If you spend some of this time on sharpening your acting skills, you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make after only a short period of time. Learn about the activities you can do this summer to improve your acting skills, and how Lionheart can help.

Brush Up on Your Literature

One of the best ways to build your craft is to learn from the greats. Pick up a book on acting and be open to learning about different approaches to the stage. Another way to learn-by-reading is to read some of your favorite plays. Compare how they transfer from page to stage to learn the ins and outs of a theatrical performance.

Prepare a Monologue

If you have some time this summer, why not prepare a new monologue? Doing so will allow for you to bust out your acting chops; it may even reignite your passion for being on the stage. Regardless, it’s always good to have a prepared monologue in your back pocket for auditions.

Practice New Techniques

They say “If you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve gotten,” and the same goes for acting. Watch famous actors perform or YouTube interviews, and do what you can to study the expressions and techniques of the greats. Practice these techniques on your own and see if you can’t come up with something new and unique to you.


Stay with us on this one--improve your acting skills this summer by meditating. Exploring your inner self can help you overcome mental roadblocks. If you’re on vacation this year, try meditating for an hour on the beach. For those of us who are stay-cationers, find a quiet spot around town to sit and reflect.

Visit Theatres, Historical Sites

Speaking of vacationing, before you leave, look up local theatres and historical sites near where you’re staying. You’ll be amazed at how many locations there are of the like around the United States. Catch a show or visit a museum related to the acting/theatrical arts; you could learn something new that may help with building your skills.

Find a Reading Partner or Join a Group

A reading partner can take your cold-reading and personal-rehearsal sessions so much further. You can help each other grow as actors as you offer tips and advice to one another. Groups are another great way to learn from your peers when perfecting your craft. Improv, classes and workshops are just a few examples of group-based learning environments of which you can be a part.

Improve Acting Skills at Lionheart Theatre

Another way you can improve your acting skills is by working with the Lionheart Theatre, located in the heart of historic Norcross. We’re always offering opportunities for cast, crew, volunteers and more. If you are interested in being part of an active and supportive theatre community, then contact us today to learn more.

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