How to Keep Children Engaged During Summer Break


The last day of school for Gwinnett County Public Schools is on May 24th, which seems to be approaching rapidly! You may already be putting summer plans into place, but that one question burns in the back of your mind: “Will my child develop an educational gap during the break?” If you are a concerned parent, here’s how you can keep a child engaged during summer break. It’s easier than you might think!

Create a Loosely Structured Schedule

During the school year, children have to adhere to a rigorous schedule set forth by their teachers and school. You want your child to enjoy their summer, but a loosely structured schedule can help them stay engaged. For example, you can set wake-up times and bedtimes to keep their internal clocks from getting too off track. You can also schedule meal times so that the child is responsible for being home at certain times.

If the child has summer schoolwork, chores, or lessons to keep up with during the break, you can schedule time for those activities as well. Doing so provides children with the opportunity to enjoy free time each day, but it also keeps them engaged by carving out time to focus on more intellectual tasks.

Make Sure Children Maintain Their Responsibilities

Along the same vein as a loose schedule, children should be held to their responsibilities throughout the summer as well. If the child is responsible for walking the dog, then they should do so each afternoon. If they attend piano lessons each week, then they should practice regularly.

You can also assign special summer chores to the child to keep them engaged. For example, ask that they read 25 minutes a day. They may not be crazy about the idea, but reading is a great way to keep any educational gaps to a minimum.

Offer Creative/Educational Activities to Keep a Child Engaged

Like reading, there are lots of creative activities your child can partake in during the summer to keep engaged. Certain activities like doing puzzles, playing educational games, or even watching an educational program can all keep children engaged during the break.

Outdoor playtime is also encouraged for children of all ages. Many theorists like Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget believe that free play/outdoor play are beneficial to growing children. Your child will have the opportunity to explore their surroundings and enjoy the fresh air. They can also build social skills and get a little exercise in, too!

Enroll Your Child at the Local Theatre During Summer Break

There’s also summer programs in which you can enroll your child in to keep them engaged during the break. At your local Norcross theatre, we offer a number of these very programs. In June alone, we are hosting four different Drama Camps. Such activities are not only fun for kids, but they also allow kids to gain a number of educational benefits from these programs. Improv, for example, keeps children on their toes, teaches new skills, and offers opportunities for lots of laughs!

If you are interested in keeping your child engaged during summer break by enrolling them in a class or camp at your local theatre, contact us today to learn more.

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