Norcross – A place to Imagine

If you’re familiar with Lionheart Theatre in downtown Norcross, you’re probably also familiar with long-time summer camp director, Sean Casey. Casey’s involvement with Lionheart began after his children showed interest in theatre when they were young. Since then, he hasn’t been able to stay away.

The Lasting Impact of Lionheart

Sean Casey’s children always wanted to do theatre. So Casey took it upon himself to find a suitable place for his son and daughter to do what they loved – perform and create. It wasn’t long before he found Lionheart Theatre Company in the heart of downtown Norcross. And over 10 years later, with his children all grown up, Casey is still an active member of the Lionheart community.

Casey reminisces about how much fun those first years were at Lionheart. “It was a creative playground for us,” he says.

Ultimately, Lionheart brought his whole family together through the joy of theatre. Today, Casey’s son is a graduate from Elon with a BFA in acting. Clearly, the impact was a lasting one. 

Lionheart still holds the same purpose for Casey. “I try to impart that same joy and magic in kids now,” he says.

His son and daughter also remain involved, perhaps because they realize how much Lionheart has impacted their lives. Both have worked as assistants and teachers at Lionheart and Casey’s son has even directed several plays for the theatre.

Creative Fun and Imagination in Norcross

In addition to the unforgettable impact Lionheart has had on Casey’s family, the theatre has also done great things for the city of Norcross. In fact, the theme of Norcross is “A Place to Imagine.” Sean Casey and the rest of Lionheart Theatre Company work to make sure this theme rings true.

“There’s no better place to imagine than the theatre,” Casey says. Lionheart summer camps help emphasize creative fun and imagination for children of all ages.

The theatre encourages people of all skill levels, ages and backgrounds to join in on the fun. After all, Lionheart is about the community and for the community. This means that the theatre not only encourages community involvement, but it aids in bringing people to the other businesses of downtown Norcross. Theatre-goers are encouraged to shop and dine in Norcross before or after a performance or workshop at Lionheart. 

To Sean Casey, Norcross is more than home. It’s a place where imagination and creativity are encouraged and embraced. Casey watched his son and daughter learn to hone their craft at Lionheart, and as camp director, he has the same opportunity to watch new students of the theatre find joy and passion in performance and creativity. If your child is interested in theatre, whether it’s acting, producing or something in between, check out one of our summer campstoday. Summer is underway, so be sure to sign up soon!

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