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The Difference Between Method Acting and Classical Acting

As an actor, in addition to getting those lines memorized, you’ll come to a very important crossroads in terms of how you will bring the character you’re playing to life. What follows is a comparison of two of the principal acting styles in use today: method acting and classical acting. The style you will follow…
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The Best Musicals for Families with Young Children

Attending an afternoon or evening at the theatre is a time-honored entertainment pastime. Nowadays it’s more affordable than ever, especially when one considers the increasing cost of attending a movie. The atmosphere of a live performance is breathtaking and enrapturing for adults and kids alike. As a parent, you’ll want to make the perfect choice…
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How to Prepare for Your Audition

If you have decided to get involved in theatre by acting, you’ve chosen a path that will be incredibly rewarding, allowing you to build practical and social skills that will enhance your daily life. You will also indulge your creativity, which has all kinds of benefits to emotional well-being. First, however, you need to get…
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