The Importance of Diversifying Your Cast

When people of different races, religions, nationalities and genders come together to form one group, a beautiful creation occurs: diversification. It is important that your production be comprised of a diverse group of members. Not only does this foster a healthy environment in which people who are different can find common passions and interests, but it will also affect how well your act is received by the public. The cast are actors who are seen by the audience. There are many advantages to always ensuring that your cast is diverse.

Connecting Through a Common Interest

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to find common ground and acceptance with people who have different beliefs, skin color, are from a foreign place or are a different gender than your own. Acting is a great way to make friends and connect with others. It promotes keeping an open mind and accepting those who are different. When most people think of visual productions, they believe that it is mainly for the benefit of the audience. That could not be farther from the truth. Acting brings many benefits to the cast members in multiple areas of life.

Promotes Creativity

Placing someone in a nontraditional role promotes creativity and broadens the spectrum of both the audience and the cast. Actors should learn to portray characters that are opposite of their own characteristics and mannerisms. This may require the actor to go outside of their comfort zone, but the end result will be a more rounded cast with the confidence to provide the audience with a unique experience.

Appeals to a Wider Audience

People are more likely to go and view a production if they can relate to a cast member. Lead characters often define who is drawn to see the production, but having a diverse cast will draw an even larger audience. The goal of a theater production is to get a story through to as many people as possible. Some individuals feel left out, or that they cannot relate to the story, if the cast is not diverse.

Promotes Interest in Theater

For many years, it was taboo to present a diverse cast. It was extremely uncommon to see women actors or actors of multiple skin colors. Slowly but surely, this line was crossed and barriers broke down. People who might not have been interested in becoming an actor, or even thought it was impossible, got involved in theater simply because they saw an actor that was relatable to them. Casting a diverse group reaches many different people and promotes a continued interest in theater.

A diverse production is always beautiful and well received, but there are many benefits to having a varied cast beyond the visual aspect. If you are interested in learning more about acting, visit our classes page or contact a representative at Lionheart Theatre Company.

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