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Norcross in December: A Charlie Brown Christmas

“Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?” Charlie Brown and his gang do, and you can too this winter with the Lionheart Theatre. Starting on Dec. 8, you can join your community in celebrating the season with this timeless tale. The classic, A Charlie Brown Christmas is one of the December events…
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Perfect Pitch vs Relative Pitch: How to Train Your Ear

A large part of becoming a better singer means becoming a better listener first. Some are brought into this world with perfect pitch, but not all of us can be so lucky. Don’t fret if you don’t naturally have such an ability, because there are ways you can train your ear in order to develop…
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Charlotte’s Web Comes to Norcross

This February, the well-known and beloved story of Charlotte’s Webwill be coming to Norcross. The Lionheart Theatre Company is putting on this special production in the hopes to give back to the community and to bring families closer together. This adaptation of Charlotte's Web is sure to warm your heart and get your feet tapping…
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Arts and Crafts in the Theatre

When you think of the theatre, you likely think of just a stage and actors, but there is so much more to it than that. Local theatres are the creative staple for many communities as they likely offer various classes which are involved in the arts. There are many ways you can learn and benefit…
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