Lionheart’s 2020 July Summer Drama Camp schedule is listed below.

We have camps for both youth and adults. Due to the continuing need for social distancing, all camps will be virtual camps for 2020. All camps are free, but donations to Lionheart are appreciated and can be made via Lionheart’s website. Please scroll down for the full schedule of camps.


To register, please email Sean Casey at Please check dates, times and ages for the camps carefully. Prizes for attendance!

Please include the names and ages of campers, in addition to which camps they’re attending registering for.

Upon receipt of the registration email, Sean Casey will email all necessary Zoom virtual call information to access the virtual camps. All virtual camps are free, but donations are appreciated. Suggested donation is $10 per daily session to tip our counselors. Donations can be made via the Lionheart website.


Children and Adult Theatre Virtual Drama Camps and Classes
Summer: July 13-24, 2020


Week #1: July 13-17, 2020

    Creative Kids Carousel (*All audiences, younger children and family activity)
    Friday @ 10 am

    Let’s Make a Puppet
    Make a life
    size puppet with Sam Casey and Sean Casey

    s Make Faces with Amy
    Acting and giggles! Poker faces are great for playing cards, but, when you are on stage, we want to see how you are feeling. Actors use their bodies and faces too. Come learn how to express how you are feeling without opening your mouth.

    Disney Sing
    along with Brittney!
    Dress up and have fun!

    Intro to Musical Theatre (*Ages 8 through Adult)
    Friday @ 11:30 am with Dorey

    Dance through musical theatre history from The Golden Age to the Modern Movie Musical! Each class will begin with a warm-up, then we’ll learn a new dance move, and close out the class applying what we learn to a fun and quick dance combination. We’ll do combinations to the music of Guys and Dolls, Matilda, Disney’s Descendants and so much more! Plan to attend each day.

    Stage Management 101 (*12 Through Adult, teens interested in school and community theatre)
    Tuesday and Wednesday @  2
    3 pm with Laura

    Hands on! Do you have a great passion for theater but want to learn more about the inner workings of how a show actually goes up? You’ll be ready to stage manage at school and community theatre!

    Improv for Beginners (*All audiences, younger children and family activity)

    Monday Wednesday @ 3:304:30 pm with Calvin

    Learn NEW theatre games for the whole family to play! Build your imagination and creativity, learn basic improv technique, and have some fun! Perfect for the whole family!

    Week #2: July 20-24, 2020


    Grandma and Grumpy Storytime and Sing-a-long (*All audiences, younger children and family activity)
    Friday @ 10 am

    For younger Kids and families. Listen to a great story and sing-a-long with the lovable Grandma and Grumpy.

    Tap Made Fun and Easy (*All audiences, younger children and family activity)
    MondayWednesday @ 11:30 am with Brittney

    No tap shoes required! Learn easy and fundamental tap steps. Ideal to survive Musical Theatre auditions in school or community theatre! Plan to attend each day.

    Intro to Ventriloquism (*All audiences, younger children and family activity)
    Thursday @ 11:30 am with Calvin

    Ventriloquism: it’s more than dummies and termite jokes. Ever wonder how those guys talk without moving their lips? Now, you can too! With this fun and easy class, you will learn the building blocks of ventriloquism technique. So easy, even a dummy could do it!

    Clowning 101 (*Ages 8 through Adult)
    Wednesday @ 1:00-2:00 pm with Sam

    Learn how to do the silliest type of theatre! You’ll create a clown character, make your own silly sketches, and out-smart the Boss Clown. Sam is the director of the Lionheart Clown Company and he can’t wait to clown around with you!

    Intro to OnCamera (*Ages 8 through Adult)
    Thursday and Friday @ 1:00-2:00
     pm with Calvin

    Have you ever seen your favorite movie star on screen and thought,
    “That could be me!” Calvin will teach you the basics of on camera acting and how a real mov- ie set runs. We’ll work on movie scenes and learn acting techniques specific to on-camera work. Who knows? YOU could be the next Leonardo DiCaprio or Meryl Streep!


    Playwrights Tool Kit (*12 Through Adult, teens interested in school and community theatre)
    Monday @ 3
    4 pm with Sam

    Do YOU want to write a monologue but not sure where to start? Join Sam for this live Zoom session to build your very own “Playwright’s Toolkit”. This one
    -hour mini-lesson will get you ready to write an original monologue or soliloquy.

    Audition Tool Kit (*12 Through Adult, teens interested in school and community theatre)
    Tuesday @ 3
    6 pm with Amy

    So, you want to be an actor? Then you need to be prepared to not just to get the part, but to rock the part! Learn some tricks of the trade and how to wow the casting directors. Plan to attend each day.

    Quick and Easy Shakespeare! (*12 Through Adult, teens interested in school and community theatre)
    Wednesday @ 3
    5pm with Laura

    “My Oberon, what visions have I seen! Methought I was enamored of an…” Do you enjoy hilarious love stories? Then there’s a good chance you’ll like Shakespeare! Come read A Midsummer Night’s Dream with me and learn ,not only how to read and understand Shakespeare, but to appreciate this iconic piece of theater. Great for middle and high school students!

    Romeo and Juliet (*12 Through Adult, teens interested in school and community theatre)
    Thursday & Friday @ 3
    4:30 pm with Laura

    Enjoy the romance, miscommunication, and murder! Then join me in understanding and portraying this entertaining classic! Plan to attend each day.

    Applying to College Theatre Program Workshop (*High Schoolers & Parents)
    Thursday @ 6:30
    8:30 pm

    For high schoolers and/ parents, educators and guidance counselors. Applying to college theatre programs is a confusing, timesensitive, and costly process. Learn what you need to do and when. Understand tricky timelines and the audition process. Seasoned theatre parent Christine Casey with input from students who successfully navigated to toptier college programs.

    Send a Child to Camp


    Norcross is a big and diverse town. At Lionheart, we are committed to being a community theatre for our ENTIRE Community. Last year, we were able to partially or fully sponsor 25 children to our camps from just a few donations. This year, we’d like to triple that number. Please consider making a donation to help send a child to camp this year.


    Preferred Donation Levels:


    $25 pays for a child to attend musical theatre or comedy camp
    $50 pays for a child to attend our half-day Drama Fun Camp
    $100 pays for a child to spend a week at camp



    All donations are 100% tax-deductible. Feel free to donate via check at 10 College Street, Norcross, GA 30071. Make sure to include “2019 Camp Sponsor” in the memo section of your check.




    The Case for Children’s Theatre: A Place for Kids to Learn, Grow and Imagine


    Lionheart's Children's Theatre Camps


    Besides being crazy amounts of fun, theatre also has tons of great benefits in terms of development and socialization. It’s probably no surprise that activities like improv and other drama courses can boost self-esteem and confidence. The theatre is a place where inner silliness and creativity are embraced. When children learn to be more confident in themselves, it translates to other aspects of their lives, like school, communication, and social situations.


    In addition to confident and creativity boosts, practicing theatre can help in other useful ways. If your child decides to participate in one of Children’s Theatre productions, chances are they’ll have to learn parts of a script. When they see what they read come to life on the stage, they’ll likely improve their reading comprehension elsewhere. It might even make them more interested in reading off the stage, too!


    Ultimately, the benefits of theatre are endless. But besides that, it’s a lot of fun. Check out our upcoming camps, auditions and plays, and sign your child up today to be a part of the extended Lionheart family!