The Lionheart Upcoming Auditions

Open Audition Notice: “The Nerd”

The Lionheart Theatre Company will be holding open non-equity auditions for our upcoming production of “The Nerd” by Larry Shue.

This production will be directed by Rick Adams.

Lionheart is Seeking 7 Actors/Actresses, including one youth performer to play Thor/Athena. All body types and ethnicities are welcomed. All roles are available. Please note that these roles are non-paying.

Audition Dates:
Sunday, July 9th at 6:30 pm
Monday, July 10th at 6:30 pm

Auditions will consist of cold reading from the script. Please bring a copy of your acting resume and a current photograph that we may keep.

Show Dates: 

September 8-24
Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30 pm
Sundays at 2 pm

Audition Location:

The Lionheart Theatre Company
10 College Street
Norcross, GA 30071

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals will begin July 13th and run every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday until Tech Week which will begin Aug 27th.

Show Synopsis:

Now an aspiring young architect in Terre Haute, Indiana, Willum Cubbert has often told his friends about the debt he owes to Rick Steadman, a fellow ex-GI whom he has never met but who saved his life after he was seriously wounded in Vietnam. He has written to Rick to say that, as long as he is alive, “you will have somebody on Earth who will do anything for you” —so Willum is delighted when Rick shows up unexpectedly at his apartment on the night of his thirty-fourth birthday party. But his delight soon fades as it becomes apparent that Rick is a hopeless “nerd” —a bumbling oaf with no social sense, little intelligence and less tact. And Rick stays on and on, his continued presence among Willum and his friends leading to one uproarious incident after another, until the normally placid Willum finds himself contemplating violence—a dire development which, happily, is staved off by the surprising “twist” ending of the play.

Character Breakdown & Age Ranges

Willum – 30 – 39 – Accomplished architect on the verge of making a significant contribution. Owns a small apartment complex. Likable, organized. His flaw: he has no gumption.

Tansy – 25 – 35 – A local TV weather forecaster. A tenant of Willum’s. Really likes Willum but is conflicted due to a job offer in Washington, DC.

Axel – 30 – 39 – Another tenant. Good friend to Willum. He is a theatre critic in Terre Haute, IN. Witty, sees the glass half empty. 

Rick Steadman – 25 – 35 – The real Rick Stedman was a soldier in Vietnam and saved Willum’s life, this is NOT the real Rick. In an effort to give Willum some gumption – Axel has a fellow critic pose as Rick, whom Willum never met. This Rick can be irritating, lacking any social graces and often overzealous in many of his attempts to bring havoc to Willum’s life. Yes, he wears black rimmed glasses, has a pocket protector full of pencils. And his claimed profession is that of a Chalk inspector.

Warnock Walgrave. – 45 – 60 – A successful businessman. He has hired Willum to design his new hotel. He hasn’t smiled in years (and that may have just been gas). He is right, period; in everything. 

Clelia Walgrave – 35 – 45 – the wife. Appears “together” but is in therapy that has resulted in her bashing tea saucers at the sign of any conflict. She is the “wife of a successful businessman” She (nor Warnock) have a clue on how to raise a child). 

Thor/Athena – can be played by male or female. Child of Warnock and Clelia. A child terror. Precocious, spoiled, impressionable. 



If you’ve been interested in diving into the acting world, then our auditions in Norcross are the perfect opportunity for you! At Lionheart Theatre, we put on a new production almost every month, and each month is different. You’ll have the chance to try your hand at a number of varying roles.

Lionheart Theatre Company is always looking for new faces to join our continuously growing acting family. Your level of experience doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to learn and have fun. The right attitude can bring out the best in actors, experienced or not. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs to audition.

The best way to prepare for auditions is to know your character. Yes, memorizing lines is important, but understanding who you are portraying is what turns a good actor into something great. Take the time to sit down and research your character. What’s their background? What motivates them? How do they change throughout the play? As you learn more, try to apply this knowledge to your lines.

You can also work on your lines with a friend or family member. Don’t just read the lines aloud; try to make them come to life. Exaggerate your emotions, and keep your facial expressions in mind. If you can find a way to connect with the character, don’t be afraid to let it show! All of these efforts will translate well into your audition.

Lastly, be sure to work on your confidence. Every actor starts somewhere, so even if you have no experience at all, walk into your audition with your head held high. Chances are, doing so will help you shake some of those audition nerves.