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Upcoming Auditions: 

Please check back in the spring for future audition announcements for Lionheart’s 2021 season.

Audition COVID Safety Protocol:
Temperature checks, required masks in the theatre, sanitation and cleaning of common areas and check-in equipment (pens, clipboards, etc.), actors distanced while waiting to read and during the actual cold reading itself.

This is a fascinating play that retells the story of Jesus’ passion through the eyes of those who were the last of the followers at the cross, and the first at the tomb: women. This play is invaluable for several reasons, the least of which not being that it brings new light to the women in the Bible. It answers: What were women doing, feeling, thinking while the men were gathered with Jesus in the Upper Room? Who knows perhaps they were gathered in the Lower Room. For over 30 years, this play has reached appreciative audiences with its fresh insights into the biblical accounts of Jesus’ ministry, death, and resurrection.


If you’ve been interested in diving into the acting world, then our auditions in Norcross are the perfect opportunity for you! At Lionheart Theatre, we put on a new production almost every month, and each month is different. You’ll have the chance to try your hand at a number of varying roles.

Lionheart Theatre Company is always looking for new faces to join our continuously growing acting family. Your level of experience doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to learn and have fun. The right attitude can bring out the best in actors, experienced or not. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds, and beliefs to audition.

The best way to prepare for auditions is to know your character. Yes, memorizing lines is important, but understanding who you are portraying is what turns a good actor into something great. Take the time to sit down and research your character. What’s their background? What motivates them? How do they change throughout the play? As you learn more, try to apply this knowledge to your lines.

You can also work on your lines with a friend or family member. Don’t just read the lines aloud; try to make them come to life. Exaggerate your emotions, and keep your facial expressions in mind. If you can find a way to connect with the character, don’t be afraid to let it show! All of these efforts will translate well into your audition.

Lastly, be sure to work on your confidence. Every actor starts somewhere, so even if you have no experience at all, walk into your audition with your head held high. Chances are, doing so will help you shake some of those audition nerves.