It takes a person with special skill and great talent to entertain under the bright lights of the theatre stage. Though thousands of actors grace the presence of audiences to bring them appreciated entertainment and enlightenment, most do not make it to the big movie screen or reach the status of celebrity.

Likewise, many actors did not start on the humble theatre stage. A lot begin their careers in children’s clothing commercials or on the sets of family sitcoms. A handful are lucky enough to land roles as childhood stars in big name films, catapulting them into the spotlight and a stellar career. Even so, the theatre is held dear to many actors, some that might surprise you. Here are a few celebrities who got their start in theatre.

Robert Pattinson

Do you remember the “Unnamed Cuban Dancer” in the riveting performance of Guys and Dolls that was produced by Barnes Theatre Company? Neither do most, but the young amateur actor who was cast to fill this role on the stage was none other than Hollywood heart throb Robert Pattinson. Since sprouting those theatre roots, he has grown to become the mysterious Edward Cullen in Twilight and play key roles in other big films, such as Harry Potter.

Andrew Garfield

Only the best actors can pull of a great “Romeo” in the beloved play Romeo and Juliet, but Andrew Garfield is a well-versed actor who can say he has filled this role in its most rooted form: on a theatre stage. Garfield is still relatively new to the scene, having just began his acting career in 2004. He has propelled to stardom, filling roles in the new Spiderman among other popular films, and has a great future ahead, but that future is rooted in theatre.    

Sarah Jessica Parker

This popular actress is best known for her roles in Sex and the City and Square Pegs, but she started her stellar career on the stage of a theatre in front of eager audiences. She worked hard from the very bottom and eventually landed the lead role in Annie on the most well-known stage district in the United States: Broadway.

Hugh Jackman

Perhaps one of the greatest modern actors, Hugh Jackman is a very versatile actor who comes by his ability to belt out a catchy tune honestly. Though most know him for his X-Mencharacter, “Wolverine,” some remember his basic beginnings as the star of the theatrical production Oklahoma! It is here where he showed the musical talent that would later land him in key roles, such as the screen adaptation of Les Miserables.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is a great American actress that is known for her roles in multiple films like Star Wars and The Professional. Before she became a household name, she was an understudy for the musical Ruthless in an Off-Broadway production.

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