It’s a new year which means you have the opportunity to work on personal goals you’ve otherwise been putting off. If you’re searching for New Year’s resolutions for actors, look no more! From your friends at Lionheart, we’ve compiled the goals to aim for in 2017.

Build Up Your Singing Skills

When you focus on bettering your acting skills, sometimes your other talents fall to the wayside. Pick back up on progressing your singing in 2017, so that you can be at least a double-threat when you go into auditions. If you have the time and resources to take vocal lessons, take advantage of that! One-on-one time with someone who is either trained or well-experienced in the world of singing has so much to offer, and it can make a huge difference in your singing skills.

Be More Prepared for Auditions

Don’t feel ashamed, we’ve all done it — walked into an audition not feeling totally prepared. Now’s your chance; don’t waste an opportunity in 2017 by failing to aptly prepare for your next audition. Rehearse your lines, practice your singing, and learn a few steps if you can. You’ll thank yourself when you’re standing on the other side of that door, facing a panel of judges.

If you already practice all your material before an audition and still want to feel more prepared, there are number of things you can do. For instance, gain more insight into the character you are auditioning for. Learn their backstory, step in their shoes, and you might find that it can boost your performance. You can also take the time to prepare a new monologue that you can whip out on a moment’s notice, in case the audition takes a turn and the panel asks to see something more.

Learn More About Your Craft

How much do you know about acting and the theatre? Do you know the different acting methods? Do you know when the first Broadway production took place? Take the time to crack open a book and learn more about your passion. You may discover something new that will make you love being on the stage even more. After you’ve brushed up on your theatre-knowledge, you can share your newfound information with your theatre friends, making your bond with them even stronger.

Participate in Local Theatre More

One great way to build up your singing, feel more prepared on stage, and learn more about your craft, all in one swing, is to participate in local theatre. At your local theatre, like the Lionheart in Norcross, you can perform in a variety of shows. You can also learn more about what it’s like to be beyond the stage by helping out with behind the scenes work and even taking your hand at directing.

Of course, you can always add to or take away from this list of New Year’s resolutions for actors, but we think it’s a good start. Go forward into 2017 and see what you can make of yourself and of your passion!