When you support local arts, you are doing so much more for society than what you see at first-glance. You’re not just supporting an after school program, you’re giving young minds the space they need to explore and grow. You’re not just supporting the work of a local artist, you’re allowing them the chance to continue perfecting their craft. If you’re in the giving spirit this holiday season, here’s how you can give back to your community theatre, and more on why you should!

Monetary Donations

One of the best and easiest ways to give back to your local theatre is through a monetary donation. For many companies, such as Lionheart, you can claim your donation as tax deductible come next April. You have to have your donation in by Dec. 31 in order to include it in next year’s taxes, which is just enough time to help your local theatre out in 2016.

Even better, if you work for a company that offers corporate matching, you could increase how much you donate by double or triple the amount you were considering giving away. This benefits you, your company, and your local theatre, as you and your company can claim the deductible, and the theatre can benefit from the generous funding.

Donate Your Time

Some people prefer not to donate money, and if this is the case, you still have options! There’s probably not a single local theatre in the country that couldn’t use a couple extra volunteer hours. So, why not roll up your sleeves this holiday season and see if your community stage doesn’t need a helping hand?

Volunteer time for a theatre can include everything from building sets to making costumes, helping out at the box office and so much more. It’s also likely that your local theatre has a huge holiday production in the works, so they will welcome the additional help.

Join in on the Next Fundraiser

As an alternative to monetary donations and volunteer time, many local art centers hold fundraising events. Next time your community theatre is having a fundraiser, stop by the event and partake in the festivities! You can buy something from the bake sale or see the showing of a special production. No matter what the event, or how you participate, your generous giving will likely go right back into the theatre.

Help Out at the Next Drive

Because local theatres rely so heavily on their communities to help keep their doors open, many of these facilities jump on the first chance they get to give back to the area. By helping your theatre with their next drive, you are in-turn giving back to them, as well as the community.

Why It’s Important to Help Your Norcross Theatre

When you give back to your local Norcross theatre, you are helping build an even better community for your children. Theatres help keep the arts alive, from acting to singing, set design, directing, and so much more. Contact Lionheart today to find out more about how you can donate this holiday season.