Some claim that the theatre and the art of performance is dying, but we couldn’t disagree more. There are many ways in which community theatre is important, ranging from furthering education to self-expression, introducing change and so much more. Even in the 21st century, society needs the theatre, maybe even more so than before.

Community Theatre and Education

There are many forms of knowledge that stem from theatre performances. For instance, self-knowledge is instilled in both the performer and the audience, as we have the opportunity to look inward. We are able to see our surroundings with new eyes and understand how we affect those around us. Whether this is a good or bad thing, there is always room for self-improvement.

The theatre is also a wonderful way to share knowledge pertaining to history. In community theatre, you can focus on the history of the area in which you live, or you can learn about the different cultures across the globe. Doing so can help us learn from the past, so that we may progress even further in the future.

Living and Breathing

Theatre often takes a stab at answering the question: “Why are we here?” By focusing on what it means to be a living, breathing human, performances highlight the highs and lows of life. Such demonstrations are made possible because the theatre reminds us that body language is still of the utmost importance in communication.

Self-expression allows us to explore this language and the emotions that make it effective. Community theatre provides locals with a platform in which they can express themselves without judgment — something we need more of in today’s world. Like self-knowledge, these performances can remind us how we can work together to better our society.

Bring About Change

A moving theatre performance can motivate us to want to make changes in our world. Self-empowerment can be the result of community theatre, which might give someone the boost they need in order to make a difference.

By looking inward and gaining knowledge, we are given a new prospective on our environment, which can spark creativity. With these new insights, we can create innovative solutions to societal issues and try to make the world a better place, one community at a time.

For Promoting Creativity

In the midst of public schools slashing creative programs, community theatre has never been more important for our youth. They need a place where they can explore the creative aspects of their minds, where they can express their emotions without fear of rejection.

The community theatre can bring together local youth and others alike for a common goal: to put on a great production. It can teach everyone about working with one another and bettering themselves as individuals and as a whole. Even the audience can benefit from such an effort, not only in the form of a performance, but because they will get to experience a diverse group of people working together as one.

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