Over 425 years ago, William Shakespeare was hard at work, putting his imaginative thoughts to paper with his humble quil. When one fully grasps the length of time that has passed since Shakespeare lived, and realizes how relevant his tales are today, it is truly inspiring to realize the importance of his existence. Shakespeare is not simply a household name. He is a universal name, a name known across generations and a name known through centuries. His plays entertained the masses of the older days and will entertain well into the future.


The question might be asked, “Why is Shakespeare so important in theatre and literature today?” It is no secret that “The Bard” is hailed as one of the best playwrights to ever live. His imaginative stories paired with timeless human issues have earned him an immortal position on the stage. Here are some reasons why Shakespeare is still important in the theatre.

1. Standard Human Issues

Most people love to hear stories about the human condition with topics such as vengeance, love and friendship. Shakespeare wrote beautifully about the topics that both bring people together and tear them apart. He wrote in a time when it was inappropriate to write about such topics, but he did it anyway and many generations thank him for it.

2. Realistic Characters

Even though his plays were written centuries in the past, the characters are still easily relatable to the audience members. Most everyone watching can pick out a character that they identify with, agree with or choose to disagree. Cast members often learn a lot about themselves while playing these characters, as it takes great skill to deliver a popular character, such as Romeo, to an eager audience who cannot wait to see a teen heart throb who knows all the right words to say to his beloved Juliet.

3. Memorable Quotes

Even young children who have learned about Shakespeare can easily recall quotes from his many great works. This is a key component to keeping Shakespeare alive, as people tend to learn from these productions and bring away quotes that craft key situations in their lives. Actors can also easily memorize their scripts and deliver a performance that would make the playwright proud. In fact, many common phrases that are used throughout the English language were coined by William Shakespeare.

4. Forward Thinking

Shakespeare had a mind that was geared towards forward thinking. This is one reason why his plays are still so popular on the stage. The stories and themes that he captured in his plays were often very liberal for his times. They still hold relevance in today’s society.

Shakespeare is one of the most important playwrights who ever lived. His work is still loved and appreciated on the stage of the theatre. If you would like more information, visit our classes page or contact a representative at Lionheart Theatre Company.