Are you an aspiring actor or an individual who is just looking to take a couple classes at your local theatre company? You might have heard a thing or two about actors and you may even have developed your own preconceived opinions, but some things that you know about actors and their work might not be true. Being an actor takes skill, dedication and determination. Those who love acting are passionate about bringing audiences entertainment or a message from the stage. Before you get into acting, learn the facts so that you can have a better experience. Here are 5 myths about being an actor.

1. Any Actor, Any Role

Though theatre companies do strive to produce well-rounded actors that are capable of filling a variety of different cast spots, no single actor can fill every role. Realism is very important while considering spots, and you might not fit into a role simply because you do not have the look or attitude of the character.

2. Film Acting is Superior

Many who start in acting are under the impression that acting in films is the ultimate level of artistry. This is not the case, as neither film nor theatre trump one another. They are simply two different mediums on which actors can express their talents. One might love the theater while another is passionate about the big screen, but both take a lot of skill, dedication and hard work.

3. The Younger the Better

Though parents are encouraged to start their children in acting at a young age, you are never too old to get into the theatre scene. There are always roles that require a multitude of ages. You might find your passion later in life, but that will not take away from your ability.

4. You Must be Good Looking

There are plenty of popular actors in the world who are not the easiest on the eyes. They often land roles thanks to unique talents or a great personality. There is an abundance of “normal people” roles in theatre that must be filled by a “normal” looking person. If you do not think that you look good enough to be a successful actor, do not worry. The rumor that all actors look good is just a myth.

5. The Most Talented Go Far

While it does take a great deal of talent or lessons to become a successful actor, it is not always the most talented who rise to the top in the world of theatre. Some become interested in other life and career goals. Others, unfortunately, are overlooked. Acting is a competitive endeavor, to go far you must keep your head in the game.

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