No one better understands the needs of your community than you and your neighbors. When there is a problem in your area that is not being addressed, you might feel motivated to roll up your sleeves and do the work yourself, but who said you were alone? With these ways to help your community, you, your neighbors and your local theatre can give back and make your area an even better place to live.

Fundraising with the Theatre

Because your local theatre has to rely on volunteer work and donations to stay open, it is likely that they are more willing to give back to that same community. Chances are, your theatre already participates in fundraising in order to assist similar causes. If you are wanting to find ways to help your community, you can volunteer with your local theatre.

Sometimes these fundraisers will be held by the theatre in order to help local schools or programs involve the arts. If you cannot financially support the fundraiser, you can still be an active member, which is equally as important. By getting involved with the theatre, you will be giving directly back to your community, and maybe even have a little fun doing it, too.

Donating to a Charitable Cause

Oftentimes you will find that your theatre is donating to a charitable cause with the proceeds from a production or fundraiser. When you partake in your local theatre, you are donating your time to this cause. Without you and your neighbors helping out, the show wouldn’t go on, and the donation would not be made.

Even if you are only able to simply attend a production, the cost of your ticket is likely to go towards the cause or right back into the theatre. Fundraisers and donations to the theatre are similar, as it allows the theatre the opportunity to put on these productions and events that give back to the community. So no matter which way you choose to give back, you’re still making a difference within your own neighborhood.

The Theatre and Your Community

Aside from helping you give back through fundraisers and donations, keeping your community theatre open is important, too. A production may not put food on the table or house homeless animals, but it will teach the younger generation in your community valuable lessons. They will have the chance to learn about art and how it can make a difference in the world. This knowledge can lead to a generation that cares that much more about building a better tomorrow.

By participating with the local theatre, you will assist in keeping the historic form of entertainment, the theatre, alive. Those in your community will get to know one another and learn how to work together, which can only translate into working together to give back. Without the theatre, there would not be a place to express feelings, share knowledge, and create art.

If you’re interested in helping your Norcross community, learn more about the volunteer opportunities we have at Lionheart Theatre Company.