It doesn’t matter if you’re 5 years old or 100, everyone is prone to audition anxiety, especially if it is your very first audition. Worrying over messing up your lines or standing on stage alone in front of the casting crew and directors is nerve-wracking, we know. Overcoming audition nerves is never easy, but with these different tips, you might find something that can help you get through your very first audition.

Be Undeniable

They will tell you that practice makes perfect, but really, practicing perfectly makes perfect. When you refuse to skip over any detail, no matter how small, during your rehearsals, you will perfect your craft to the point that your delivery is undeniable. Don’t let your practice time consist solely of memorizing lines in large chunks, while it’s important, your competition is likely to have all the words memorized, too.

When you prepare for your audition, take the time to break everything down, scene by scene, phrase by phrase, word by word. Memorize the words, yes, but also understand their meaning and how they fit into the storyline. Record your rehearsals and evaluate your mannerisms and the way you carry yourself. By applying this level of attention to detail, you will feel more confident about your audition because you know that your performance will be undeniable.

Practice Relaxation Methods

Even though you will have your part down, anxiety and nerves can still creep up the closer audition day gets. There are endless relaxation methods out there that others will be happy to share with you, but you have to find the methods that are most effective for you.

With deep breaths and meditation, you can refocus that nervous energy into something positive. Or instead, try creating a music playlist of songs that either calm you down or get you pumped up, whichever rids of your nerves best. If you find that you are still nervous, confide in a close friend or family member who will, more than likely, reassure you of just how awesome you really are.

Envision the Audition

Overcoming audition nerves can be a direct result of envisioning the audition, as there will be no surprises waiting for you when you get on stage. Close your eyes and picture the stage in your mind, where you will stand, where the directors and crew members might be sitting. It’s never a bad idea to practice walking onto stage and introducing yourself either, as this will be the first thing you do in your audition.

Shut Down, Collect, and Prepare

Moments before your audition, those pesky nerves are going to rise back up. Take a moment to shut yourself off from the world, collect your thoughts, and mentally prepare yourself. Remember all of the rehearsal time you’ve put in, practice your relaxation methods, envision walking onto that stage, and you’re ready. Hold your head high when you walk into the audition, deliver your rehearsed introductory line, and be undeniable.

Did these tips help you overcome your audition nerves? We hope so! Here at Lionheart Theatre Company, we love getting our community involved with the theatre. Contact us today to learn more about audition opportunities and upcoming shows.