It is the season of giving and everyone wants to give gifts that their friends and family love. If someone in your life is passionate about the theatre, you might find yourself drawing a blank. Holiday gift ideas for theatre-lovers are unique and shopping can be daunting. Not to worry. Whether you are playing Secret Santa at the office or buying for your own talented child, there are an abundance of items out there that they are sure to enjoy having. Your gift could very well be their favorite, simply because you took the time to find gifts that were theatre-lover approved. Here are five gift ideas for the person in your life who is passionate about the theatre.

1. An iTunes Gift Card

This might seem like a simple, scapegoat gift idea, but an iTunes gift card will provide access to more songs, movies and television shows than your person could ever go through. Your theatre-lover will sit happily for hours on end using your gift to hear the best show tunes and soundtracks. Music is a way of life for most people who enjoy the theatre, as are movies.

2. A Nice, Large Bag

If your friend or family member is involved with the theatre as an actor or crew member, they probably travel to rehearsals looking like a pack mule. There are often many wardrobe changes throughout a play, and equipment can quickly add up. A functional bag that is also fashionable will certainly be appreciated.

3. Tickets for the Museum or Art Gallery

Actors and crew members can learn a lot by studying pastimes and art. Not only will a trip to these museums and galleries be useful for the production, but creative people often enjoy being in the presence of history and other arts. Your friend or family member will seriously appreciate this gift of a relaxing escape.

4. Books

An abundance of books have been written for every aspect of the theatre. It does not matter if your friend or family member is running a spotlight or standing center stage, there is a book for that. Many great cast members, directors, producers and crew members have also written books so that others can have some insight into what it takes to be successful in the theatre.

5. An Action Camera

Your theatre lover would love an action camera. This small tool will allow them to record from multiple points of views and right in the middle of the set. They will be able to modify their role to meet a high standard that the audience receives splendidly. Your gift of an action camera could propel them to the next level.

Buy Season Tickets

Of course, what your theatre-lover would really like is season tickets to a local theatre. To those who are passionate about plays and musicals, there is nothing better than to go to each and every opportunity and see a good show. Lionheart Theatre Company is proud to present multiple productions throughout the year that would astound the most avid of theatre goers. To purchase tickets, visit our page or contact a representative today.