In cities all across the country are community theatres, each town’s own space where art and music can come to life. Every one of these theatres play an important role in keeping the world of stage acting alive and well, which is why it is important that each community does their own part in keeping their local theatre’s doors open. Through volunteering and community theatre funding, you can support your local theatre so that the next generation can enjoy the thrills of live production.

How the Community Theatre Works

When your local theatre decides to put on a production, they rely heavily on those who are willing to volunteer their time to the theatre. These volunteers will help create the sets, promote the show, and even act in the production themselves. More often than not, these wonderful individuals do not get anything out of their volunteer hours except for the pleasure of helping their community theatre.

These theatres often don’t make very much money, if any at all, from a production. It is extremely common that the money made from a show is put right back into the theatre in order to keep operations running. Truthfully, volunteer work is the lifeblood of these theatres when putting on productions, which ultimately brings the community together – it’s a win-win for everyone.

Ways Community Theatre Funding Helps

If you have ever found yourself wondering why you have to pay an admission price to see a play put on by locals, think about what theticket cost covers. Yes, lots of volunteer hours went in to putting on the show you are about to see, but that doesn’t mean that the production did not cost anything. Typically, community theatres do not pay those who participate in the play either; the majority of that money was put towards copyrights, the space, and set and costume design materials.

In a way, you are funding the community theatre to keep their doors open and the lights on. Additional funding can also be made through fundraisers in order to make further improvements to the theatre, such as updating the space or putting on a larger production. Without community theatre funding from its community, much like volunteering, many theatres would not be able to remain open.

Playing Your Role in the Community “Cast”

Local theatres are a great place to learn about working as a team, building a sense of community and promoting the art of the theatre. If you are interested in supporting your theatre, volunteering your time is the best way to do so. Even if you can’t sew or build or paint, there is still a job for you. You can act in the production, help with stage managing, promote the show, and the list goes on and on.

For those who don’t have the time to volunteer, you can still contribute by attending shows. Your ticket costs will support the theatre, and you get to be a part of what your community has been working so hard towards. If you live in the Norcross area and are interested in learning more about your community theatre, contact us at Lionheart Theatre Company today.