Special Events

Magician Bob Winstead Returns to Lionheart Theatre ~ October 6th ~ All Seats $10.00 each

Story Slam comes to Norcross at Lionheart Theatre

Hosted by Southern Order of Storytellers and Lionheart Theatre!

The themes for our slams are:
September 6th - Space
October 11th - Awkward
November 8th - Family Tree
December 13th (Grand Slam) - Last Word

Stories should be 7 minutes or shorter and have a beginning, a middle, and of course, an end! Please, NO RANTS, whether political, religious, or ex-lovers and no music or poetry unless incorporated into the story. Adult content, humor and personal insight are welcome and sometimes encouraged by the monthly THEME, but remember, while it may be cathartic for you, it's not a therapy session.

Admission is $5.00 Seating is limited, so make a reservation. Cash concessions available. Please enjoy one of the local restaurants before the show or bring a snack, but remember it is theatre seating.

Tickets will go on sale 30 days prior to each performance:

Click for Tickets SouthernOrderofStorytellers.org/Tickets

Not sure you’re ready to share? Telling a story is not required - we welcome all listeners too!

Here at Lionheart Theatre Company, we do more than put on amazing productions; we also hold a number of special events in Norcross. From exhibiting pieces of local art to welcoming magicians and so much more, there’s no shortage of fun to be had at Lionheart.

Why We Hold Special Events

Historic Norcross is a beautiful community with vibrant citizens. We hold special events because it gives everyone a space to come together with their neighbors and enjoy the wonderful world of art. It also creates a sense of community, which is so important in a busy area like Metro-Atlanta.

Preserving our community’s interest in art is vital as local school art programs continue to get smaller and smaller. Our children need a space where they can learn and explore, and adults need a creative outlet! With our special events, we try to target both of these audiences, so that everyone can get something out of our theatre center.

As part of the Norcross community, we are proud to help in cultivating a small-town feel in a big city. The rush of traffic and 9-5 jobs can easily allow us to lose ourselves, but the arts and the love from a small-town can bring us right back to our roots.

Find Special Events in Norcross

In the past we have held art shows, workshops, and more. Sometimes our events are free and sometimes they come with a small fee. If you’re ever looking for something fun or new or different to do in Norcross, we hope that you will turn to Lionheart Theatre. We are always putting on these special events, and we will do our best to keep you updated so be sure to mark your calendars!