Since Lionheart’s opening in 2000, the local theatre has become one of the most beloved places in the Norcross community. Lionheart Theatre Company welcomes people of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels to participate in and support the productions, camps, talent shows, art classes and other fun activities that the theatre hosts all year long.

The history of this nonprofit, volunteer-backed community theatre is rooted in the drama ministry at Norcross Presbyterian Church (NPC). Tanya Caldwell, the founder of The Church Drama Ministry at NPC has served as Artistic Director there since 1994. While at NPC, Tanya decided to start up Lionheart Theatre Company, bringing the arts to the whole of the community.

The theatre was brought to life through the dedication and hard work of several individuals. Many of these individuals continue to support and volunteer at the theatre. Due to their hard work and the hard work of other volunteers, past and present, Lionheart is now one of the leading community theatres in all of Gwinnett County.

Community Theatre in the Heart of Norcross

Located in the heart of downtown Norcross, Lionheart is made easily accessible to the area’s residents. The theatre makes its home in the historic Old Methodist Church which was built in 1877.

Because Lionheart is so ingrained in the Norcross community, the company is always looking for ways to give back. Whether it’s by using productions to solicit donations for organizations like the Norcross Cooperative Ministries, Relay for Life or local children’s programs, Lionheart is dedicated to contributing to a town that has supported it for so long.

To create lasting bonds and to give back to the oldest community theatre in all of Norcross, come out to Lionheart today.