If you’ve been interested in diving into the acting world, then our auditions in Norcross are the perfect opportunity for you! At Lionheart Theatre, we put on a new production almost every month, and each month is different. You’ll have the chance to try your hand at a number of varying roles.

Lionheart Theatre Company is always looking for new faces to join our continuously growing acting family. Your level of experience doesn’t matter as long as you’re willing to learn and have fun. The right attitude can bring out the best in actors, experienced or not. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs to audition.

Check out our upcoming shows and auditions below. The stage is calling your name!

Lionheart Theatre Company Upcoming Auditions in Norcross

Lionheart Theatre Company, located at 10 College St Norcross, GA (30071), will hold open auditions August 5th at 2pm and August 6th at 7pm for:

Murder at Weatherfield

By Joe Starzyk

Directed by Robert Winstead

Murder at Weatherfield by Joe Starzyk, is a comedic Manor born murder mystery where nothing is as it seems. The aging Patriarch of a well to do British family assembles his heirs to his manor estate for an important announcement. The heirs come from as far as “across the pond” to be in attendance and everyone is fearing he might be altering his will. When the patriarch ends up the victim of an apparent murder, an inspector from Scotland Yard appears to flesh out the perpetrator. Surprises abound in this britcom romp which is part Fawlty Towers, part Agatha Christie, and part Birdcage.

Audition Dates: Sunday August 5th at 2pm and Monday August 6th at 7pm at Lionheart Theatre, 10 College St Norcross, GA 30071. No appointments necessary.

Show Dates: October 18, 19, 20 (matinee and evening show), and 21 (matinee show).

Rehearsals will begin in August.

These are non-paid, volunteer roles.

Auditions will consist of cold reading from script. This is a new play, so no sides are available in advance. Please bring resume and recent photo of yourself that we may keep. Professional headshot is not necessary.


Toby (major-domo) is the typical dry butler, Brit accent with a hint of Lurch. Very straight and starchy.  Any age but skewed younger. Has an attraction for Victoria.

Lucy (the housemaid) - Female 20’s-30’s been around the block a few times but still vibrant and attractive. She and Toby are the household servants. Brit accent. Is having a clandestine affair with Reginald.

Reginald – Straight- Male 40’s and above. The stuffy British son of Lord Winthrop and apparent heir to the estate. He takes himself very serious and is full of the arrogance of wealth and position.  Does not wish to share his inheritance with anyone. Closest thing to a villain in the play.

Romaine – Reginald’s wife. 40’s+ female. Sassy and sarcastic. She has a past she thought she had left behind but secrets can’t hide for long. Her accent ranges from a high born brit, to lowbrow cockney.  Major reveal, she used to be a guy porn star.

Ray – Straight- Reginald’s younger brother,  40’s + Lives in America. Not the brightest tool in the shed but very fond of weed and Weed. “Buried his troubles in a pattern of school failures, substance abuse and chronic masturbation”. American Accent but can do Brit if need be.

Weed- straight male - late 30’s/40’s Weed is also fond of weed. From America, he is Ray’s best friend. Together Ray and Weed are like an aging Bill and Ted without the Time Machine or George Carlin.  California accents. Simple but almost childlike in trust and adolescent humor.

Victoria – ingénue- 20’s Beautiful daughter of Woodhouse. Sincere and sweet. Brit accent.

Casey – 20’s apparent grandchild of Lord Winthrop. Nice kid. American. Likes Victoria

Lord Winthrop - 60’s male. Patriarch to the estate.  Not in good health. Wheelchair bound. Diabetic. Not as stuffy as you might think. Gay. Brit.

Saturnino – Masculine Spanish male. Any age. Dynamic, Smart and Lord Winthrop’s secret lover and companion. Spanish accent.

Woodhouse – The Solicitor – Lawyer and legal advisor to Lord Winthrop and father of Victoria. Straight male – rather typical brit but more common man than stuffy. Brit accent.

Foote – male - any age but skewed older. Apparently a Scotland Yard detective. Or is he an American con man? Or perhaps a French bon vivant?? Think Colombo meets Poirot or would that be Clouseau? Must do a Brit, American and a French accent.

The play is a romp which is highly dependent on characterization should be a lot of fun.

Ages are suggestions and may skew up or down depending on talent available.

For more information on these auditions, contact the diector, Robert Windstead, at

How to Prepare for Auditions

The best way to prepare for auditions is to know your character. Yes, memorizing lines is important, but understanding who you are portraying is what turns a good actor into something great. Take the time to sit down and research your character. What’s their background? What motivates them? How do they change throughout the play? As you learn more, try to apply this knowledge to your lines.

You can also work on your lines with a friend or family member. Don’t just read the lines aloud; try to make them come to life. Exaggerate your emotions, and keep your facial expressions in mind. If you can find a way to connect with the character, don’t be afraid to let it show! All of these efforts will translate well in your audition.

Lastly, be sure to work on your confidence. Every actor starts somewhere, so even if you have no experience at all, walk into your audition with your head held high. Chances are, doing so will help you shake some of those audition nerves.