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Bringing Lawless Spirits to Life – Part II

A lot of work goes into creating Lionheart Theatre's Lawless Spirits Tour, but perhaps the most fascinating part to play is that of the playwright. Lionheart Theatre recently sat down with Kate Guyton and Daniel Guyton, who wrote several of the stories for this year's Lawless Spirits Tour. How did you get involved with Lionheart's Lawless Spirits Tour? Daniel:  “It's been…
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The Secrets to Becoming a Playwright

If you aspire to become a playwright, learning the technique and acquiring the skill can be intimidating. Even experienced authors travel down a bumpy road to arrive in the area of playwright. This is because plays have naturally occurring moments that should be seen by an audience, rather than read. Many novice playwrights spend a…
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Four Unforgettable Playwrights

Even with thousands of TV shows and movies being available at the click of a button, live drama still holds a place in our lives. The experience of buying tickets, sitting in an auditorium and watching living, breathing people embody the characters and ideas that someone worked hard to create is an other-worldly experience that…
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