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5 Female Playwrights to Remember

When searching for a list of memorable playwrights who left their mark on the world by way of beautiful theatrical pieces, you often find that they are disappointingly absent of females. This does not mean that there is a lack of talent from women in the world of theatre; their magnificent work is simply under…
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Theatre as a Political Tool

Theatre is far more than just a wonderful afternoon or evening’s entertainment. It is a vehicle for social change, a means by which values and norms are challenged, and a forum for political discussion. It has been this way since the earliest days of the art form. Ancient Greek tragedies, Shakespearean romances and even modern…
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The Role of the Director in the Theatre

A theatre director is a true “maestro” in the sense that they must bring together hundreds of different elements in order to make a play work. Directors bring a unique vision to a production and coordinate everything from performances, stage design, blocking, sound production, lighting and more in order to meld everything together into that…
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