Are you looking for some fun activities to do in the Atlanta area in the future? Consider taking your friends and family members to a contemporary play. Many people have their beloved old classics, but modern plays are creating legacies of their very own. There are many great playwrights in this day and age that are producing amazing works that leave audiences feeling an array of emotions.

Making regular trips to the theatre fosters good intellectual health. Writers often construct dialogue that focuses on contemporary issues and captures the attention of a wide span of audiences. There are plays for both children, adults and entire families coming to the Atlanta area to a theatre near you. Here are a few popular contemporary plays to watch out for through the season.


This Pulitzer Prize winning musical is chock full of pulsing tunes and flashy dance moves. It has been making an impact throughout the country and has even made its way to the big screen in a riveting film adaptation. Rent has achieved a Tony Award for Best Musical. This reimagined production is continuously modified to entertain audiences year after year. Life is a blank sheet for these young adults in East Village, and you will not want to miss the story of how they fulfill their dreams.

Lillian Likes It

This 2015 winner of the Essential Theatre Playwriting Award is all about modern life on social media. It is a hilarious comedy that presents a satirical view with some very real issues. The main character, Lillian, finally finds a guy she really likes over a popular social media network. Unfortunately, the guy has already passed away. An unaware Lillian talks to him online. In a world where social media plays a huge role in many people’s lives, this theatrical production touches on some very important issues while also keeping the mood light.

Tyler Perry’s Madea on the Run

America’s favorite comedic matriarch is at it again in this hilarious theatrical production. Wanted by the authorities, Mabel Simmons, affectionately known as Madea, turns to her long-time friend Bam for shelter. Since Bam is recovering for a hip replacement, the arrangement seems ideal. However, Bam has no idea that Madea is on the run from the law. Centered on a Christian method, the story unfolds to reveal that Bam’s family is in desperate need of reconstruction — Madea’s specialty. Starring Tyler Perry himself, this play is sure to deliver a few hours of outrageous comedy couples with a good message.

If you are looking for a good time or are yearning to receive a great message this season, be sure to check out these local Atlanta productions that are coming to a theatre near you. Lionheart Theatre Company has an excellent 2015 season that is currently being enjoyed by hundreds of audience members. For more information, view our 2015 Season page.