Some artists love the theatre so much that they have to try their hand at each part. Of course, most start as actors or crew members, putting their foot in the door and nurturing their addiction to the theatre life, but many branch beyond that point.

Some actors find themselves writing their own plays, producing shows running lighting, sound and other technical elements and some reach the ultimate level of theatre hierarchy: directing. It is not just local actors who give the director’s seat a try, you will soon learn that many of your big name film actors turned directors have had great success. Here are a few examples.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck brought audiences around the world to tears with his inspiring performance in Armageddon. After the hype around that film calmed, his preceding films were all but busts and not what most expected from the young actor. He was almost written off as a one hit wonder when Gone Baby Gone was released and showed that the man had talent far beyond acting. Ben Affleck stunned critics with his co-writing and directing of this series. He has written several other films since and received multiple awards.

Clint Eastwood

Who could forget Clint Eastwood’s rough and tumble cowboy characters? His stoic persona and quiet attitude, paired with just the right amount of power and charisma, charmed audiences and inspired adventures for the young and old. Though his films were loved, few would have thought he would transform from his normal characters to an award winning director. He has received both Oscars and Academy Awards for his films, which present an impressive range of genres.

Angelina Jolie

Best known for her stunning beauty and Oscar-winning performances in many films, Angelina Jolie was not satisfied with showing off her talent in front of the camera. She took a seat in the director’s chair and began writing and directing films, rather than acting. Though her first films were hit and miss, she has recently released some big hits. Jolie has a real knack for portraying intense dramas that focus on tough situations.

George Clooney

Fans love George Clooney for his charm and good looks. He often fills roles that allow him to show a bit of his dapper personality and knack for subtle comedy. He has directed several films, some better than others. His best yet Was Monuments Men, which brought in six times its production budget.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington is a beloved actor that has tackled many difficult and rather serious roles. He is a very busy actor, which is why many were surprised when he began directing in the early 2000s. He has co-starred in multiple films that he has directed. These films are often built around serious subjects that matter to Washington.

These actors turned directors prove that there is no shortage of multi-talented individuals in the theatre. Why stop in just one area when you can bring beautiful works to the world by sitting in the director’s chair? If you are interested in acting or directing, you should considertaking a class through Lionheart Theatre Company. Contact a representative for more information.