Memorizing your lines is not the only way to be successful on stage. In order to really make your performance pop, you need to learn how to handle your body language, during and after performances. This task is easier said than done, however. Sometimes body language doesn’t come as naturally as you would think, so here are some ways in which you can improve your skills to boost your performance.

Have Spatial Awareness

Though stages can be large, there is a “sweet spot” where the director can see your whole body without you standing too close. Usually right around four to 12 feet from the casting director is where you should stand, so that you can be seen and clearly heard during your audition. When you first enter the room, take in your surroundings and determine where this spot will be, depending on where your focal point is.


Exhibit Active Listening

During rehearsal or an audition, when you are receiving comments from your director, show them that you are actively listening. Lean forward slightly, with your torso and feet pointed at the person who is speaking to you. Something similar to this can be done during a scene as well, so that it is clear to the audience who the speaker is talking to. Of course, don’t do as such if the script or director tells you otherwise.


Embrace the Power of a Genuine Smile

Find ways to put on a genuine smile, because fake smiles are oftentimes painfully obvious. Think of a joke or a memory that always makes you smile and practice putting that face on. Overtime, this genuine smile will come naturally. Learning how to portray genuine emotions when you are acting can boost your performance, and the director will recognize your control and maturity.

With that being said, before and after auditions, don’t let negative emotions show. If you display frustration or sadness (when you’re not acting), the director might not want to work with you, as they may fear that you would not be easy to work with.


Express Your Confidence

This one is tricky, because you don’t want to come off as meek or pompous. Expressing confidence in the right way can boost your stage presence, as your body language would adjust accordingly.

When you walk into an audition, keep your head up and don’t look at the ground. Make eye contact with the casting director and speak clearly, while holding your gaze. Don’t move your eyes around too much or fidget. Standing tall with a calm demeanor can go a long way when trying to express confidence to the director.


Find Your “Launch Stance”

One way to build your confidence is to become comfortable with your launch stance. Once you have entered the audition and picked the spot in which you will stand, you can enter your launch stance. Stand straight, plant both feet on the ground, pull back your shoulders and keep your head high. Make sure to practice this before your audition, so that it looks natural when you are in front of a director.

By choosing the right place on a stage, expressing genuine emotion and confidence, using your launch stance and listening actively, you will be sure to boost your performance, through your body language, at your next audition. To learn more about upcoming auditions at the Lionheart Theatre in Norcross, please contact us through our website.