Is your first rehearsal for the new local theatre company production drawing near? If so, you are probably experiencing a few nervous jitters — especially if you are new to acting. This is an exciting undertaking and you will be happy that you pushed through those nerves and made an impact on the stage.

Just like with any new job or hobby, the preparations that you make prior to the big day are the key to succeeding at your first rehearsal. Once you get to the theatre, get warmed up, in place and begin the rehearsal, you will feel as if you were meant to act. You will be a natural; all it takes is getting ready the right way. Here are some tips for preparing for your first day as an actor at the theatre.

Complete Your Homework

Just like in school, completing your homework will give you that extra edge that leads to really understanding the material. Unlike many tasks that you had to complete for school, your homework for the theatre can be very enjoyable.

The first thing on the “to-do list” is to read through the entire script. Do not hurry your way through this first read, read the manual as if you were reading a good book. Read for pleasure, not work. Do not worry about taking notes just yet, as you will have plenty of opportunities for that soon. Focus on the character that you will be playing and get to know them, as well as the others that they are interacting with. This first read will help you to understand the play.

Get Your Script Ready

A lot of actors find it useful to cut the text of the script and paste it onto a larger piece of paper. This provides them with extra space to take notes and jot down ideas in the margins. You can also highlight your lines at this time. Do not highlight your stage directions or other text, simply the words that you will be speaking on stage. Finally, use colorful tabs to mark the beginning of each scene in the script.

Build Your Character

Do not worry, you are not expected to be spot-on the first day. But building a connection to your character prior to your first rehearsal will help you to feel more confident. Go through the highlights that you made in the script and mark any shifts in tone and significant words.

Make a note of key moments as well. Make sure that you understand all of the words in your script. If you have any questions about words or the way that they should be spoken, do not hesitate to ask your director. He or she will be happy to give you an explanation.

Make a Schedule

Look at the calendar for rehearsals and productions and make your own schedule that includes any other commitments that you might have. If there are any conflicts, let your director know immediately.

Show Up Early

If you are on time, you are late. Make the point to show up early for your first rehearsal. Running late could cause even more unnecessary stress. Get there, relax and prepare to have a good time.

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