For generation after generation, since mankind first appeared on this blue planet, people have loved the art of entertainment through theatrics. From stone caves to magnificent theatres, the greatest plays have been brought to audiences at their favorite venues. The ages saw the birth of many great theatres. These places heard and saw the best of the best. The most iconic plays were performed within the walls of structures that were more than just a building with a name.

These places of artistic worship enticed both the young and old, made them think, laugh, cry and simply shined a bit more light on life. Without the theatres, some of the greatest plays might not have been seen by public eyes. Though the productions are the shining stars of theatre, history knows the theatres themselves as the unsung heroes. Here are some of the world’s most beloved theatres.

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

You cannot talk about great theatres in history without paying tribute to the great Globe Theatre that Shakespeare used to bring his genius productions to life. Many people are unaware that the London-based theatre itself has an extensive, unique history. There were actually multiple theatres, as the first burnt down in 1613. In 1997, a replica Globe Theatre was built nearly on top of the original site, using historical data as a reference. This theatre is nearly identical to the first — with some modern conveniences thrown in.

San Diego’s Balboa Theatre

This special theatre was built in 1924 and affectionately named for the first European to find the Pacific Ocean. After being enjoyed by many, the theatre unfortunately fell into disrepair. In the early 2000s, people took interest in the unique venue once again and an expensive restoration began to take place. The theatre is now open to the public once again.

New York’s BAM Harvey Theatre

This theatre was erected to bring the public many of the amazing plays by Shakespeare, vaudeville and musicals. For a brief time, the BAM Harvey Theatre was used as a cinema, but was restored to its former glory and is still used for plays today.

Sydney’s State Theatre

This theatre is regarded as a staple of Australian heritage. Its design blends multiple different cultural trends. It both boasts the second largest chandelier in the entire world and plays host to a priceless organ.

Tampa Theatre

The elegant theatre is located in Tampa, Florida. Many regard the designer as a true genius, giving respect to the elaborate features the set the theatre a part from the rest. In the 1920s it was seen as the most elaborate theatres of all time.

These are just some of the many most beloved theatres across the globe. Getting started in theatre and falling in love with the stage for yourself is as easy as signing up for a good class. For more information, we encourage you to visit our classes page or contact a representative with Lionheart Theatre Company today.